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Luke Jaywalker (or nowadays RSD Max) is the nickname of a 23-year-old from Austria, who decided to change his lifestyle after two long-term relationships. He loves women and will tell us about his lifestyle in this interview.

RSD Max on a beach

Hey RSD Max, thanks for doing this interview. Let's start with some basic information. How old are you, which gender, and in which country do you live?

23, male, Austria, not Australia :D


Please describe your current lifestyle.

Going out 7 nights a week, hitting the gym 5-7 times a week, working on my video blog, working on my written blog, reading, eating clean, playing poker, girls, girls, girls, repeat.


How did you come to this lifestyle? What were the most important and influential events in your life?

Oh that’s hard to answer. I think it was that incredibly strong willpower for becoming someone who has a clear direction in life, someone who has success, someone whose life is worth narrating… a “winner” how many people would call it. I just wanted it so badly, so I started this journey.

There’s been a lot of influential events in my life and I’m sure there will be a lot more. One of those crucial events, however, was an Austrian model I met when I was still an introverted, insecure little brat. She was super into me and obviously wanted to have sex with me, but I was too scared and self-conscious to actually see the signs and take things further… Just some months ago I heard that she got pregnant and is now a mother… guess that chance is gone, haha.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your lifestyle? And how do you rate the possible chances and changes in your lifestyle in the future?

10, clearly. Like Bruce Lee always said: Be happy, but never satisfied. I mean, I love my life and I love the challenges that are brought to me every day. I’m doing everything I can to progress further and experience more, I would only be unhappy if I wouldn’t do everything I can.

The thing I believe in the most is the human mind. It is so much stronger and powerful than most of us think. I honestly believe (even if it sounds cheesy) that one can achieve everything in their life, as long as their willing to take everything it takes. Period. That being said, I can’t even imagine how awesome and mind blowing my lifestyle is going to be in the next years, as I had never imagined the awesomeness of my life right now just a couple years back.


What is the most important thing you would tell someone else from your life experience?

Never stop working, never stop improving. Dream big and believe a hundred per cent that you can make it. If you fail, no problem, get up, learn from it and keep going. Commit yourself entirely… if you have a plan B, plan A never works. ;)


Tell us about your past concerning women, relationships and your attitude towards it.

Hahaha, great question. I was bad, oh so bad, with women. I had two long term relationships before I got into Pick Up and decided to change. Both of them took more energy than they gave me. I was super introverted and thought I would never get a super hot girl, it was just beyond my belief system.


When did you experience your first date, and how did you feel?

I was 20 years old. I basically did exactly what I read in my first Pick Up book and for me it was unbelievable… “Oh my god, this stuff actually works!” Haha, I got to the date 1 hour too early, sweating my ass off. I had never been so nervous before, but things went well and we eventually got intimate a couple weeks later. Great girl.


Do you have experiences with drugs? If yes, what are your specific experiences, also concerning your social environment and your culture.

Yes I do. One very interesting experience (also in relation to picking up girls) can be read here:

My social environment has pretty much turned into a drug free zone. My best buddies are also my best wings and we don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke or do other shit (except for cheat day once a month). Health and focus are clearly more important than getting unconscious and escaping reality.


When did you have your first kiss with the other sex, when the first intimate experience, and when the first sex?

First kiss when I was 13, just before I turned into a chode. First intimate experience = sex: When I was 17 with my first girlfriend, after being together with her for over 6 months.


What are the three most important things in your daily life. Explain why they are so important for you.

It’s basically just two things: Working on myself and enjoying life. Working includes: Gym, going out, meditation, reading, pushing my comfort zone.


What are your plans and goals for the future?

Becoming a known instructor for Pick Up, travelling the world, experiencing unbelievable things, meeting amazing people, writing about it and living from it. Plus being able to make extra money from playing Poker professionally.


What is a big taboo in your society, that you’ve maybe even experienced yourself? Do you think it should be a taboo?

There are no taboos in my reality.


How many friends do you have (real friends) and how many really close friends?

Phew, tough question, I have a handful of really close bros. I love them all and have deep respect for them, as they all face life challenges in the same way I do. Funny enough, I met all of them through pick up as most “normal” people have a negative effect on my life.


How many sexual partners have you had until today? Are you happy with the number, or would you like it to be higher or less?

Hahaha, many, many people ask me that and to be completely honest, I don’t know how many sexual partners I have had up until know, I somehow lost count. I’m at a point in game where I get 1 to 4 new sexual partners a month, which is a cool thing.

Am I happy with the number? Quite frankly I don’t care. Sure, sex is awesome and sure, I want to have sex with all the beautiful and cool girls I meet, but my happiness is by no means dependent on my “success rate”. Women are a bonus, the whipped cream on top of the awesome ice cream that is my life.


What do you tell people who say something of the following? You are a manwhore. You treat women like objects. You hurt the feelings of women who fall in love with you.

You are a manwhore: Thanks!
You treat women like objects: Your mom treats women like objects.
You hurt feelings of women who fall in love with you: I fall in love with THEM, because they’re awesome.


What were the most important actions you took to become so good with women?

Well I call them “The Four Pillars Of Game”: Taking Massive Actions, Having Endurance, Enjoying The Process, Being Free From Outcome.


Do you think everybody can become as good with women as you are, just by taking the action you took? Isn't it a matter of looks, money, and so on?

Hahaha, no it is not a matter of looks, money and so on! Yes, yes, yes, definitely everybody can become good with women. Nobody is cut from a different cloth. For example, I’m not particularly tall, but keep having sex with taller women, it’s all about the good vibes.


Have you ever experienced true love? Can you describe your view on true love in comparison to open relationships, one night stands and casual hookups.

Yes I have seriously fallen in love with 2 girls in my entire life. But so far it has only been love based on scarcity and the fear of loss. True love only exists among enlightened human beings, who can be fully present to the moment – a state that I haven’t reached permanently yet. One night stands and casual hook ups are awesome, as long as no-one gets hurt emotionally (or physically haha).


Rate how you see your looks and confidence on a scale from 1 to 10. How much do you think that looks and confidence influence your success socially and with women? Please separate between looks and confidence.

My looks are 10, simply because I work out a lot and I am well groomed, but that doesn’t mean anything, since that’s only how I perceive myself, I don’t know how hot girls think I am. And yes, to be honest I think that looks can make many things a lot easier but should a) never be an excuse to not do something and b) never be relied on. Confidence, however, is key. A confident guy can be fat and pig-faced, if he’s having fun, enjoying himself and truly believing that he’s enough it won’t matter at all. Period.


In a person of the opposite gender, are looks or character more important?

Looks, then character. If the girl is not hot but has a good character, great for her, but I just won’t be attracted to her sexually, surely we can be friends though. If a girl is super hot but has nothing smart or cool to say the time with me won’t last longer than some nights. I will never be able to fall in love with a hot but stupid girl.


Tell us about a very crazy, funny or awkward experience you had.

Oh boy, there’s so many. Had sex with girls I met on the street, shared an amazingly cool girl with one of my best bros, had sex with a stunner I met on the metro at 4am, got invited to Miami, New York, Las Vegas and the coolest places on earth just to do pick up. This is life. This is it. Sometimes I still think this all must be a dream. There’s so much more unbelievably crazy stuff that I went through… you can read all of them here:


Tell us about some awesome experiences with women, detailed if you want. What advise would you give a guy who wants the same success?

Again, feel free to read about my “One Year Of Epiphanies” – just skim through the table of contents and pick the story that appeals the most to you =)

Want the same success? Get off your ass and keep working on yourself. The content is there in masses – for free, on the internet – it’s on you know to apply it and push yourself!


You were in another country for some time. What were your feelings before you went there, and did you regret the decision to do so?

Oh I was so anxious before I went to America for 4 months. Was it the right decision? Isn’t it far too much money I basically don’t have? What if I fail? What if it’s just a waste of time? And boy was I wrong. It was amazing, it was transformative, I basically came back as another man and… what’s most important: It set the milestone that was necessary for me to know what I want to do with my life… and that, dear reader, is priceless.


How are you earning your money, are you happy with it?

I play poker and tutor languages and yes, I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve never seen myself in a normal 9-5 job and I will never want to do it, that’s why I’m constantly working on myself, never giving up until I can live from my hobby and enjoy “work” so much that it doesn’t even feel like work to me.


Thanks for answering all these questions! If you want to promote something, or say some last words, you can do it now.

Go out, get what you want, fail, learn from it and do it again! Life finds a way. – Jurassic Park


Edit August 2014: LukeJaywalker changed his nickname to RSD Max when he started working for the company Real Social Dynamics as a professional. His new name was subsequently added to the article and headline. Additionally one of his newer videos as a dating coach was added.

  • JohnnyCash

    Sick lifestyle, going out so much + gym + trying to play poker as a job. I wonder how he can actually make enough money like that.
    Anyways really inspirational stuff, keep it coming!

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